Angelo Monti. AL magazine’s Director


Angelo Monti. AL magazine’s Director

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Angelo Monti. AL magazine’s Director

Como si racconta

“Como dov’è?” Angelo Monti. A short story about Como in “Como si racconta…41 storie dalla città” by Tiziana Nava, published by Ibis.

Ordine_Villa Olmo

“Il riscatto di Como passa da Villa Olmo” was published in L’Ordine, weekly publication of La Provincia newspaper on Sunday, 29th December 2013.

ottagono_biblioteca erba
The project of municipal Library in Erba is published on magazine Ottagono n.266

cartolina EMBT
The Order of Architects of Como participated in the cultural event “EROS 2013 MINIARTEXTIL COMO”, XXIII International exhibition of contemporary art with a talk entitled
in which Benedetta Tagliabue | EMBT talks with Sonja Riva – journalist of Radio and Television of Switzerland. Introduced by Angelo Monti.
The conversation is an exceptional opportunity to meet the architect who was recognized the prestigious RIBA Jencks Award.

competition magazine
The project of the parking in Moena is published on magazine “Competition”

MONTI_2 dic_b.indd

Lecture on the construction of public space in the Laboratory of Urban Planning and Composition of the Faculty of Science of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano.

wa wettbewerbe aktuell

The project of the parking in Moena is published on the website of the German magazine Wa Wettbewerbe aktuell at