Project with Arch. Dario Cazzaniga, Arch. Luisa Locatelli, Arch.  Marco Ortalli
Location: Frosinone
Project: 2011

The project involves the redevelopment of an area and the construction of a multifunctional complex with spaces dedicated to the residence and commercial activities.
A new square, accessible only to pedestrians, is bounded on:
- South-east by a volume of 6-storey houses, on which stood a tower body with 7 floors;
- To the north-west by residential buildings “isolated”, with a maximum height of 4 storeys.
- To the north-east from an existing construction.
- To the south-west open on Via Landolfi
The square in its center, has a commercial space on one level.
A pedestrian connection through all the new shopping plaza settling at Via Aldo Moro and arriving in the park of Villa Comunale. It is the axis shown in the concept, proposed by the Promoter, and which will affect the entire new urban system.
In the basement floors of the residential buildings and commercial plate are placed private parkings and a few parking spaces for public use.
On the north-west are expected 4 buildings, with a maximum of 4 storeys in height and 1 meter height with respect to the commercial plaza for privacy.
Unlike the linear block to the south-east, where they are concentrated mainly small size flats, here are foreseen largest accommodation with large balconies open to the public park.