Project with arch. Marco Ortalli, arch. Stefano Pujatti

Project: 2005

The project aims at the development of a public area and the construction of a building to be used as required by tender for Social Welfare housing containing small dimension dwellings and the possibility of larger rooms for communal use (located in the design on two different levels of the building), in “tower” form and facing East/West, with an overall volume that will allow precisely through it’s own articulation the creation of a covered and protected public space towards the existing library.
The volumetric articulation is the result of the joining between one building of nine floors and another one which is suspended. This movement of volume links the building to the site: the lower part relates to the new sloping public square, while the higher element is turned with its front to the park and the view of the city of Milan and at the same time covers the new public space relating to the civic library.
A further spatial complexity is found in the distortion of the plane of the façade. In actual fact, the construction is seen as a combination of “tunnel” elements unitarily reconstructed with side walls, but free to flow individually within the plane of the principal façade. This formal independence of the single cells contributes to its recognizability and identity.