Project with arch. Antonio Beltrame, arch. Dario Cazzaniga, arch. Margherita Mojoli, arch. Marco Ortalli

Project: 2008

The location of this initiative is a green area that inclines down to the sea and which is sited to the East of the inhabited section of the Maddalena Island. From sea level the slope rises to a height of +33m with the contour lines facing towards the South-East.
To the West of the projected area the inhabited area breaks up with the presence of residential buildings and others that are used for warehouses and storage.
The peculiarity and identity of the place derives from this wedge that inserts itself into the inhabited area, and also from the contour lines that give an impression of winding complexity.
Through the relationship with these same altimetric contour lines the project highlights the deeply rooted territorial nature of the initiative.
The stone walls become an organizing element of the general plan since they outline footpaths which delineate the residential masses, and which become containing walls when necessary.
The buildings are laid out along the contour lines and are all on two floors, with a section that allows access to both the upper and the lower level. This type of section means that the natural morphology of the area remains unchanged.
The design choice favours the use of traditional building materials, techniques and typologies and the experiences of the local workers.