Project with arch. Stefano Seneca and arch. Marco Prestini
Project: 2012

The current configuration of the public space of Rodano is the result of a sedimentation of interventions that in different period they have varied in design and amplitude. A new project proposal has to take a few loud and clear guidelines with which to give order to the site. Two were the defining elements. First, the “refocusing” Public space with the new town hall, accompanied by the redesign of urban space without altering the structure of historical places and buildings and avoiding improper ‘monumental solutions’. The project, in short, was to introduce a mechanism of interaction between existing elements: the road, the court Ferrario and its rural building. The regeneration of the environment has been addressed with a contemporary architectural language but able to generate identity and sense of belonging, using materials understated and simple. The new structure identifies a solid urban front that will ideally complete the unfinished central urban core. The architecture of the building also generates the design of the wide open space that the competition imposed for the use of vehicle parking. The inability to use it for desirable functional solutions to green park, has not prevented to transform the simple design of parking in a complete reorganization by a strategy of tracks. In terms of architectural choices, it was decided to propose a solution without re-stitching “arrogance” but without “environmentalism”. Two longitudinal volumes integrated each other, obtained from the ideal ‘extrusion’ of a section almost archetypal, rest on the basement structure. One of the issues addressed by the project was to check the appropriateness of the intervention. For appropriateness, or right measure, was intended to identify the equilibrium point that the new settlement can be established with the context. This ‘sustainability’ of the project, compares with the principle of tracking architecture, with its expressive language, and necessarily with economic resources. Building materials, tested and in common use, are included in this determination.