Project with arch. Dario Cazzaniga, arch. Luisa Locatelli, arch. Marco Ortalli, ing. Agostino Mauri

Project: 2009
Special Mention

The architecture of the new library is intended to relate to the context which is strongly characterized by pre-existing historic buildings and to create a close integration with them without the need for camouflage.
This objective is followed both by the substantial unitarian nature of the construction, both essential and stereometric, and by the materials used that are coherent with the constructional essentiality of the architectural choice.
A sand-coloured building in a single material, created in concrete using current techniques and building technology with respect for quality construction.
Illumination is provided by a different “density” of the wall, obtained through tiny apertures that increase where necessary.
The monolith concept comes from the frontage where the areas to be used are presented as “excavations” in the uniform concrete that covers the frontages.
The new building is located on the site of an older construction and respects the natural elements of the terrain without changing its orographic aspect.
The substantial unitary nature of the work is obtained also through the flooring in the public areas which is in dusted concrete in the same.