Project with: arch. Marcello Tommasi
arch. Massimiliano Agostoni
arch. Vincenza La Rocca
Collaborators: arch. Elisa Lo Iacono
Angelo Lagostina
Consultats: Giuliano Collina

Location: Santa Maria La Carità, Castellammare di Stabia (NA)
Project: 2014

The area of the project shows the complexity of the urban environment of Petraro, including agricultural vocations and infrastructure needs. In this area, the new parish complex represents a stabilizing factor for urban regeneration.
The church consists of a single space, ending with a circular apse , in which is placed a large painting “un po’ di cielo “. The painting represents a simple and essential part of a cosmogony. There are also the baptismal font and the area reserved for confessions, such as extrusions inserted into the masonry of the building. The weekday chapel, placed behind the apse, and a path, that leads to spaces of the sacristy, complete the project.
A vertical element, a sort of landmark,  reinterprets the traditional bell tower, becoming a reference for the place; it’s designed in a compact shape at the base and gradually thinner towards the sky, symbolizing the tree of life, man’s existential journey, the passage from material to immaterial.