Project with Architect Marco Ortalli,  Architect Dario Cazzaniga

Project: 2010
Completion: 2010
Photo: Filippo Simonetti

The new Library is found on a site that is today in transition between a historical industrial area and the new residential and tertiary buildings that are giving new texture to this urban fabric.
In the project, a masonry footing wall attempts to reunite the frontage that gives onto the road, while at the same time underlining the way in to the new public space by means of a large entrance portico.
Resting on this masonry footing wall an essential and stereometric mass in wood and glass points out and at the same time restores to the city through its transparency the function of a place for reading.
For the mass and ground floor walls exposed concrete was selected for its homogeneity and uniformity.
A full and compact base measured by the expansion joints not haphazardly but in proportion to the internal geometry of the façade destined in the future to be framed by the verdant greenery of a Virginia creeper.
The first floor of the building is lit on the road side facing North through the use of full height glass walls which are framed by wooden divisions that redraw and give rhythm to the facade.
The short sides are completely closed, while on the part that borders the industrial buildings and which is destined to host a garden, the facade is crossed through with a long slender glass incision.