Location: Erba (co)
Project: 2003-2004
Completion: 2005
Photo: Lorenzo Mussi

The study for the redesign and reconfiguration of the current Council  Chamber required  a revision of both the functional and distributive concepts, and also the furnishing elements.
The first priority was to define a space that at first sight was immediately  orderly and harmonious.
Without actually modifying the rather confused design of the existing building and the window openings, the visual impact was reconsidered and then corrected by means of the regularisation of the space obtained by realignment of an additional pannelling on the wall wich faces the park, and with the creation of a “furnishing wall “ behind the area for the public which completed the  geometry of the room.
Thus the hall regains a precise rectangular form, along whose axis the new council table and chairs for the public are placed. A principal element of the project is the  large assembly table.
This is of simple yet essential design and finish, with a metal load-bearing structure, and a work surface  of Sipo mahogany with a drop-down section on the side not occupied by chairs.
The chromatic tones of the furnishings and wall panelling  add to the impression of light and luminosity of the space and relate to the pre-existing marble floor which by request of the committee was not to be modified.