Exhibition location: Triennale Milano | Como S. Pietro in Atrio
Display: October 10-15, 2017 | November 14-18,2017

The garden of vases
The idea of ​​the exhibition “Vasi Comunicanti” is born as a metaphor of the garden: fiftyfive potls, reinterpreted by artists and designers, stand on slender pedestals at different heights and creating a colorful landscape.
Particular attention has been paid to the economics of the installation, as well as the easy and speed assembly. The footboards were made in composite pvc-shaped, semi-embossed laser-based panels and supported on an underlying wood structure. On these basis are simply laid oval plates in metal sheet to which the thin supports of different heights are welded.
The organic shape of the dais and their location in the two exhibition sets – Triennale di Milano and S. Pietro in Atrio in Como – intend to favor the fluidity of movement around the works, enabling observation from many angles.
The installation of photographic and didactic panels completes the presentation of Como exhibition, showing the multi-year history of Simpatia through a continuous “string” on the perimeter walls of the exhibition space, with images taken by photographers invited to illustrate Onlus’s excellent structure.