Project with Architect Corrado Tagliabue

Exhibition location: Palazzo Volpi – Pinacoteca Civica
Theme: construction of the city of como  one thousand933 onethousand937
Display: October 22, 2004 – February 06, 2005

The exhibition was organised by the Municipality of Como, the College of Building Firms and Associates of the Province of Como, the Association of Architects, Planners, Landscape painters and Conservationists of the Province of Como  and by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry,  Artisans and Agriculture of Como.
The design project was conceived and carried out by the Association of Architects along with Architect Corrado Tagliabue and, for the provisional lighting design, with Architect  Andrea Castelli.
Under the auspices of Architect Chiara Rostagno, the exhibition draws attention to the vast and well-constructed heritage of culture and planning which characterised the Como cultural environment during the Thirties and Forties of the last century.
The explanatory project follows  three heterogeneous documentary tracks: the competition for the study of the PRG in1933-34, the construction of the city following the 1937 plan, the development of new constructions outside the consolidated city and the works  of “ Como rationalism” (outlined by means of planning documents, photographs and audio-visuals) created under the hypothesis of allowing enjoyment of the exhibition’s contents to be extended to the general public, rather than the usual specialists in the sector.