Project with arch. Massimiliano Agostoni, arch. Marcello Tommasi

Project: 2010

The project takes its role from the “sovereignty” of the structure and recounts the “dissolving” of the bridge into the River Drava at Maribor.
Through its architecture, the project declaims a sense of limit: it queries the threshold starting from which the structural form exhausts its reason for being, and explores the area of representation.
The structure is conceived as a solution with two asymmetric depressed arch spans, made up of a succession of steel quoins rendered solid by a post-tension system. 
The bridge is connected to the banks, reached through careful design of the final part. In particular in the approach towards the city side a landing stage mediates the difference in height, while waiting for future changes to be made to the river embankments. 
A metallic membrane, with different grades of texture, screens the structure and the decking and will be sensitive to the lights thereof. In some situations it will be opaque, while in others it will seem transparent and vibrating.
The arranged photovoltaic elements that comprise it have the capacity to accumulate quantities of energy that can be transmitted during the night in a prolonged burst of luminescence.

 ….We can see it now, our bridge, in a moment of pause, in the neutral centre of its oscillation where the image dissolves itself.