Project with arch. Luisa Locatelli, ing. Fabio Sibaud

Project: 2008
Prize Work

The current means of access to the mediaeval hamlet of Civita di Bagnoregio is entirely out of keeping with the character of the place.
The new design proposal is intended first of all to entirely modify the actual image and send a message that is loud and clear, a mark of the territory with a single span like the arch bridges of old.
The profile of the new bridge is generated by the existing gradient following the notion that the new construction should bear a perceptible relation to the natural orographic development, reproducing the course and character of the rampart wall. Furthermore, the choice was made in favour of a structure with a single point of support, in order to avoid the serial character of an unending row of pillars.
The central pedestal, as well as being the logistic and architectural joint and meeting point between the parking space and the two walkways, fulfils the structural function of intermediate support in which the two spans, one coming from the village and the other from the hilltop, “interlock”.
The pedestal, which seems to rise from and almost lose itself in the natural rocky tufa, basalt and conglomerate of the area, is constructed from reinforced concrete and dressed with stone material.
During the night the opalescent sign of the illuminated bridge can be seen as a distinguishing mark.