In collaboration with arch. Marco Ortalli, arch Dario Cazzaniga and arch. Paolo Donà

Project: 2004
Prize-winning work: 5° prize

The project puts the new building into context by redeveloping the layout of the surrounding urban fabric.
A linear and transparent element is placed like a partition between two open spaces: the park, dominated by tall trees and the square, characterized by a great mirror of water containing a series of elements that define its various functions.
The building structure being suggested achieves the objective of optimizing the operation of the municipal building by dividing and integrating the new sections together with the preexisting buildings.
To the rear of the communal buildings to be kept, the Palazzo Landriani Caponaghi and the annex, is placed a dimension which redefines the facing onto piazza Risorgimento; this hosts the Council Chamber on the ground floor and on the upper floors, the secretaries departments in direct contact with the seat of administrative governance.
The other offices that are open to the public are located in the linear dimension with separate access and linked through passages and corridors to the rest of the complex.