with arch. Dario Cazzaniga, arch. Marco Ortalli, arch.  Dario Valli

Project: 2005

The theme of the competition is the redefinition of an urban sector of Milan that borders the Lambro Park.
The natural environment of the Parco Lambro within this project takes on a particular significance in that it approaches and enters the man-made built up sections, losing its character of botanical spontaneity and transforming itself little by little into “ordered nature”.
The change from natural park to urban park happens through the insertion of an “order” in the planting, which takes on the character of rows of trees typical of the countryside through the use of a single variety of plant. Introduction of the constructed elements is progressive, first with small facilities, then in comparison with the altimetrically constant line of the colonnade path.
The altimetry descending towards the South is modified according to the squares, allowing the green earth to “climb again” up to the height of the buildings, in order to guarantee a subdued insertion of the constructed elements. The rows of green extend even as far as the artificial earth of the squares, taking on more and more the character of items of decoration. The choice of installation is inclined to favour a direct relationship between the inhabited areas and the park, as well as becoming a public open space – the “square”.