Project with arch. Elisa Lo Iacono
Consultats: ing. Franco Gerosa

Location: Brunico (TN)
Project: 2016

Prize-winning work: 3rd prize

The context.
The project does not ignore history. The area of ​​the Tschurtschenthaler park, in fact, complete the crown of public spaces settled on the ancient city walls demolished, which now forms the buffer zone and the transition to the ancient city. A space needed “decongestion” which dilutes the intensity of the flows. An urban device where to stop, meet, share and through which to be introduced to the identity memory of the city of Brunico. Proscenium of the representation of past and contemporary. One even contemplative space marked on one side by the extraordinary architectural composition of the building curtain of the Ursuline Convent with Neukirche and the Gate, the other by the counterpoint of the landscape and natural heritage.
The concept.
The dual polarity – historical context and landscape context – informs the design choices. The proposed solution works on the issue of the limit. Avoid interpreting the program through the rigidity of a single compact volumetric body, articulating the functions in small pavillions embedded on the perimeter of the new square to delimit without excluding the new city. Objects do not invade the field of history respecting the continuity of the monumental front, allowing multiple visual cones for those who come from the street.
The structure of the new buildings is made of wood (Xlam) coated on the outside by a stratigraphy consists of a light diffuser sheet and a perforated metal skin to design and variable density of perforated patterns, with gold and bronze colors that harmonize with the color brightness of historical architecture. On the night the metal mesh filters the light diffuser turning objects in luminescent lanterns.