Project with arch. Vincenza La Rocca
Collaborators: arch. Roberta Fasola
Consultats: arch. Stefania Borsani

Location: Casorate Primo (PV)
Project: 2013

Winning Project

The project intends to introduce an ordering principle in the urban landscape, here characterized by the typical low-density expansion of sprawl urbanization spread and, therefore, a “vagueness” context.
For this reason, it confirms the prevailing orientation of the existing urban fabric, regardless of solar exposure considerations that have been postponed and addressed through the detailed distribution of housing and the parts of the buildings.
The proposal, to the best of its limited territorial dimension, turns on a “device” to redesign the systems of relationship spaces and the public-private partnerships in the areas of new urbanization expansion of settlements.
The new facility is divided into three separate volumes, ideally organized around a green central space, a true hinge of the entire complex.
An open court that returns and interprets the historical types of rural areas and its man-made structure. Combining the “mixit√®” typological required, but significantly limiting the system of vertical connections, all the complex is distributed by three blocks-scale elevators able to distribute 37 housing, in the version given by the example project.
Flexibility, articulation and typological variation are the conditions that the project proposal has interpreted and safeguarded.