Project with  Castelli Associates

 Location: Costamasnaga (co)
Project: 1983-1995

The separate headquarters of the long-term patients rehabilitative section of the Valduce Hospital in Como substitutes several old structures that developed in a disorganised  manner in the Villa Beretta Park in Costamasnaga (Co).
The project exploits the morphological characteristics of the site by “embedding” the new building in the hill in such a way as to create a structure which on one side does not alter the skyline of the hills, and which on the other side is invisible from the “parterre” of the historic villa built on the nearby hill.
The only discernable façade is that of the three floors containing the patients convalescence rooms, which is protected by verandas looking out onto the park.
The outpatient and therapeutic  departments are on two completely underground levels and are lit by a system of internal exposed courtyards.