Project with Architect Giovanni Castelli, Architect Ubaldo Castelli, Engineer Fabio Sibaud

Location: Como
Project: 2010

This project is set in a sensitive central part of the city, concerned with the presence of archaeological finds from the Roman era.
The first guiding principle in the planning of the new car park project was the search for a structural design which would significantly limit, both in number and form, the supporting walls on the site.
The proposal tended therefore towards a load bearing structure constituted of large span steel beams connected in such a way that the various parking floors could be hung from them.
The project then developed  a structure that was aligned along the road pattern, in order that the new building might reinforce the urban character of the area and also create along Via Dante the matrix for eventual future completion of the building curtain.
In terms of  parking places, the available floors were intentionally designed to hold +300 with regard to the road plan of Viale Lecco, from where a large open and covered area could be created over the archaeological findings.
So, travelling along the roads, there will be a long window opening onto the excavations that will be perceived as the interior of a museum hall, crossed by means of a light “walkway – viewpoint” which, connecting the two roads on foot, will  create a rapport with all the service functions of the new car park.
Every frontage is made up with large metal frames which also determine the rhythm of the load bearing pillars’ supports. In their turn the  frames encompass a system of  vertical sheets of natural stone with sanded finish,  frame by the principle profile, and assembled in such a way as to guarantee the necessary aeration and ventilation.