Project with arch. Marco Ortalli e arch. Dario Valli

This feasibility study dealt with this extremely “sensitive” topic, through an interpretation of the recognizable traces left in the area: ditches and moats, lanes, rows of trees, paths, horse trails, tram lines, “clues” that are superimposed leaving the mark of an agricultural past on the fabric of the urban present.
The idea is focused around a green triangle that reaches into the centre of the city from the country, an urbanized green area used as city garden, where the fabric of the city thins out and unravels, and where the country becomes urban and turns into a park.
From Piazzale Lotto it is possible to be aware of the continuity and fluidity of the green areas together with the possibility of using them in order to catch the country in the city. A strong infrastructural framework acts as a support system with underpasses and underground connecting paths supplemented by the parking system.
The area, freed from passing traffic, is partly pedestrianized and partly for authorized traffic only.
An island for sport and shows at San Siro which contains the different sporting and entertainment functions in a giant green “bowl” which protects the residential neighbourhoods. Planned new residential buildings will allow the definition of the urban borders with a progressive variation in density and height.