Project with Architect  Marco Ortalli
Original project up to the  structural realisation Architect Fulvio Capsoni

Location: Como
Project: 2002-2004
Completion: 2002-2004
Photo: Mascheroni

This building designed both for houses and offices is the result of a redesign project based on a previously erected construction which had been left unfinished, and which therefore defined its   typology and setting. The project is centred on a rearrangement of the communal  spaces, the composition of the façades, and a redesign of the roof. As a matter of course the façade project has altered the open spaces of the individual living units, organising the last three levels with continuous and uniform balconies along the frontage, but with variable  depth  according to the functional layout of the individual apartment.
Instead, the first two levels present a contrast with a predominantly compact stone surface, which relates to the urban design of the frontage of the adjacent building. The below-ground section contains the car park area, except for a half-underground section which is a result of the altimetric development of the road, and which is set aside for small commercial use. The layered roof is characterised by a deep flat roof gutter and by a wide covered terrace, achieved by use of a metal finishing using zinc alloy.