Location: Cermenate (co)
Project: 1993-2000
Completion: 1993-2000
Photo: Filippo Simonetti

A project for the restructuring and re-organising of the Municipality of Cermenate, located in the ex Clerici Villa. This building was originally from the seventeen hundreds, and has been altered over the years, finally being completed during the Forties and Fifties of the last century. The work was carried out in accordance with its new public function, in such a way that the updating remains in harmony with the existing architecture, particularly with regard to the building’s original layout.
The interior spaces, laid out according to a functional logic, are equipped with custom designed furniture, itself integrated with production elements.


Prize-winning work: 2001 Winner of the Internal Space Organisation Section of the     Maestri Comacini Prize
Photo: Filippo Simonetti

The minimal internal furnishings are designed to integrate with the building’s historical context and to satisfy the contemporary requirements and expectations. The project reflects this desire, and recommends a more public and representative but at the same time more flexible use of the ground floor, since this is where the meeting spaces, conference room and council chambers are. The first floor is dedicated to the working area, complete with offices.
The end product is a distinct presence, where contact with the past is clear and easily recognisable.