Location: Seveso (mb)
Project: 1992-1994
Completion: 1992-1994
Prize-winning work: 1994. Special mention at the  “Luigi Cosenza” awards.
Photo: Vaclav Sedy

An open dialogue between architecture and location: the indications of the site are taken into consideration, such as the limitations imposed by the pre-existing forms and volumes. The architectural characteristics of the surrounding artefacts, their positioning, the organisation of the open spaces, the payouts and the alignments all dictate the laws and rules necessary in order to define the new installation in the setting of the typical  “diaspora” found in the usual Lombard city.
In terms of plans and layout, the house is divided on three levels, of which the two principal ones above ground are indicated as being parallel to the perimeter wall along the road, which has been left as a mute defensive wall against the noise.  On the ground floor, the day areas interact with the little protected garden, recovered from the internal of the plot; on the first floor, there is the night area, while the basement hosts the utilities area.