Location: Cernobbio (co)
Project: 2010-2011
Completion: 2010-2011
Photo: Isabella Sassi Farìas

This small intervention on redistribution and furniture, wants to investigate over a typologically current theme: how to r-interpretate, functionally and qualitatively, the widespread type of low density housing.
The project, in fact, operates on a building added to an aggregation of single-family units locked as volumetric configuration.
The theme was to explore an innovative distribution and relationship among the different places of the house.
The building is spread over 3 floor, leaning on hilly orography.
The entrance and some service  functions are located at the first level.
At the second level there is the living area, are at third, room and other services.
The intervention could not alter the given “envelope”, so the work has been focused on a “chiseling” assigned to the variable geometry of sliding walls, such as to allow an easy redesign of the space depending on the activities and the moments of the days.