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Our work strives to enhance our sense of surroundings, identity and relationship to others and the physical spaces we inhabit, whether feral or human-made.

Selected Awards
  • 2004 — Aga Khan Award for Architecture
  • 2009 — Mies van der Rohe Award
  • 2013 — AIA/ALA Library Building Award
  • 2015 — Best Interior, Designers Saturday
  • 2016 — AIA New York Honor Award

“Cesare Cattaneo 1912-1943. Pensiero e segno nell’architettura”

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The exhibition, curated by Pierre-Alain Croset and staged by Marco Angelo Monti and Ortalli offers an important synthesis of the one presented in 2012 at the National Academy of San Luca in occasion of the centenary of the birth of the architect Cesare Cattaneo Como (1912-1943). The exhibition is conceived around the choice of about 100 sketches and autographs, along with plastic original and new, showing how they form the architectural thought of Cesare Cattaneo, a thought characterized by high and deep ideals. The act of drawing represents a real writing, in the sense of the graphic transcription of a thought: many sketches show the intensity of project activity that produces changes, thoughts, sometimes radical alternatives. The analogy between sketching and writing is a kind of “fil rouge” of the exhibition at the level of the choice of materials to be displayed, but also for the principles of the display project, which offers two different levels of reading: the autograph drawings, mounted for single or series are reproduced in scale with real high-definition and digital prints are accompanied by brief didactic texts which help the visitor to decipher the specific meaning. On the walls an editing assembly of textes, quotes, photographs, enlargements of details, constitutes a “visual story” that connects among them drawings and theoretical texts, formal themes recurring in different projects, fragments of individual drawings and construction details of the buildings.

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